Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Logo of 2008 Olympics

Name of the issue  :   Logo and Mascot of Olympics 2008,Beijing ,P.R.China
Value                    :   80 F
Descp.                  :   "Dancing Beijing" serves as the city's foremost appearance. It is an image that shows the eastern ways of thinking and the nation's lasting appeal embodied in the Chinese characters. It is an expression that conveys the unique cultural quality and elegance of Chinese civilization. With inspiration from the traditional Chinese art form - calligraphic art, the character "Jing" (the latter of the city's name) is developed into the form of a dancing human being, reflecting the ideal of a "New Olympics". The words "Beijing 2008" also resembles the vivid shapes of Chinese characters in handwriting, voicing in concise strokes of the countless feelings Chinese people possess towards the Olympics.
As people ponder on the rich connotations and charms of these Chinese characters, a "New Beijing" has thus been brought forward.

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