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Czech Issue for 1960 Squaw Valley Winter Olympic Games

The 1960 Summer Olympic Games is held at Rome,Italy between August 25, 1960 to September 11, 1960.
The 1960 Winter  Olympic Games is held at Squaw Valley,California,USA between February 19, 1960 to February 28, 1960.

To Commemorate both the events ,Czechoslovakia issued a set of 5 stamps, 2 for summer and 3 for Winter.Here is a cover sent to Italy from Czech on the day of Issue.The Other Stamps is below here.

Online Exhibition frames displaying Olympic Collections

Today while surfing through  Internet I found a special website for Online Displaying of Frames of Collections...I found some nice Olympic Exhibits too....See and enjoy

 There are many other displays too..

Latest Indian Issue

A postal stamp was released  in Bhopal in memory of eminent poet from Madhya Pradesh, late Dushyant Kumar, who gave a new direction to `Hindi Ghazal`.
The stamp, Issued by thr Indian Postal Department, was released by the Governor, Rameshwar Thakur at the Madhav Rao Sapre Newspapers and Research Institute on 27.09.2009.
Dushyant Kumar, who brought social awareness through his creativity, had written a number of poems, novels and the plays.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Maxim Card for 1968 Winter Olympics

The official logo for Olympics 1968 Winter Olympics is unveiled on 22-4-67...The Logo of 1968 Winter Olympics represents a snow crystal and three red roses, the symbol of Grenoble, and the Olympic rings.

Ski Jump Issue

The Ski Jump Issue and the Fifth of the Series.It  shows the image of Skier skiing down the Alps Mountains..The event is held on 11-02-1968.The Gold Medal is bagged by Jiří Raška of Czechoslovakia in Men's  Normal Hill and  Vladimir Belousov of USSR in Men's  Large Hill.

Slalom or Skiing Event Issue


The Fourth in the Five Stamp Series of  Winter Olympics,Grenoble,France 1968  ..The above stamp shows the image of a downhill skier.France is surrounded by Alps Mountains and the Event is held at Chamrousse, from February 9-17 1968..

The Medals Tally is

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's Downhill FRA Jean-Claude Killy       FRA Guy Périllat           SUI Jean-Daniel Dätwyler
Men's Giant Slalom FRA Jean-Claude Killy SUI Willy Favre AUT Heini Meßner
Men's Slalom FRA Jean-Claude Killy AUT Herbert Huber AUT Alfred Matt
Women's Downhill AUT Olga Pall FRA Isabelle Mir AUT Christl Haas
Women's Giant Slalom CAN Nancy Greene FRA Annie Famose SUI Fernande Bochatay
Women's Slalom FRA Marielle Goitschel CAN Nancy Greene FRA Annie Famose 

Olympic Flame 1968


The Third in the Five stamps series of 1968  Winter Olympic Games held in Grenoble,France.It shows the Torch lit for the games .The stamps also shows the logo for the 1968 Olympic Games.The Opening Ceremony is held on 6-2-1968 headed by the President of France, Charles De Gaulle and the
Torch  is lit by Alain Calmat of France who won a silver Medal in Figure Skating..

Figure Skating Issue for 1968 Olympics


The second issue in the five stamp Series.The above stamp  shows the image of a Dancer involved in Figure Skating Singles....The stamp is of value 0,75 cents with a surcharge of 0,25 cents. In Women's Singles Peggy Fleming of United States won the gold medal..Figure Skating started on 8-2-1968 and finished on 16-2-1968 with a total of  96 participants , (46 men and 50 women)  from 17 countries

Ice Hockey by France for 1968 Olympics

Out of the Five Stamps issued by France on 27-1-1968,the above Stamp shows Ice Hockey.The Cancellation shows the Logo of the Winter Olympics 1968.The Stamp bears the value of 0,40 cents with a  surcharge of 0,10 cents for developing the funds for Olympic Games

1968 Olympic Winter Games Grenoble,France

The 1968 Winter Olympics, officially known as the X Olympic Winter Games, were a wintermulti-sport event which was celebrated in 1968 in Grenoble, France and opened on February 6. Thirty-seven countries participated. Norway won the most medals, the first time a country other than the USSR had done so since the USSR first entered the Winter Games in 1956.
Frenchman Jean-Claude Killy won three gold medals in all the alpine skiing events. In women's figure skating, Peggy Fleming won the only United States gold medal. The games have been credited with making the Winter Olympics more popular in the United States, not least of which because of ABC's  (American Broadcasting Company) extensive coverage of Fleming and Killy, who became overnight sensations among teenage girls.
The year 1968 marked the first time the IOC first permitted East and West Germany to enter separately, and the first time the IOC ever ordered drug and gender testing of competitors.

1956 Cortina De Ampezzo Cancellations


The Cancellation laid for Women Skiing  on 1-2-1956.The Gold medal in this event is won by Madeleine Berthod-Chamot of Switzerland..

1956 Cortina De Ampezzo Cancellations

The cancellation laid for Bob Sleigh in Cortina on 4-2-1956...There are 2 categories in bob Sleigh that is Men's Two and Men's Four..Gold Medal in Men's Two is won by Italy and Men's Four by Switzerland..

Cancellations for 1956 Winter Olympics

The cancellation laid for Cross Country Skiing  50 KM for men  on 2-2-56...In this event,Swedish Skier Sixten Jernberg won the gold Medal where Silver and Bronze are bagged by Finland and USSR respectively...

1956 Cortina De Ampezzo


                                                                       The 1956 Winter Olympics, officially known as the VII Olympic Winter Games, was a winter multi-sport event which was celebrated in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy. The Games were held from January 26–February 5, 1956. Cortina, which had originally been awarded the 1944 Winter Olympics, beat out three other cities for the right to host the 1956 Games. The Cortina Games were unique for several reasons: all of the venues except one were within walking distance of each other, the Games were the first to rely heavily on corporate sponsorship for funding, and these were the first televised Winter Olympics.

                                                                    A total of 32 nations participated in the Games, which was more than any Winter Olympics until that time. The largest nation making its Winter  olympics debut was the Soviet Union. The Soviets would go on to win more medals than any other nation at these Games. Politics did not impact the 1956 Winter Games as it did the Summer Games in Melbourne, Australia, when the Soviet response to the Hungarian uprising and the Suez War caused many nations to boycott the Games.

1956 Cortina De Ampezzo Cancellations

A beautiful cancellation laid for Ice Hockey on 26-1-56 at Cortina,Italy...Thanks to my friend Saravanan offering a nice pic of this cancellation...

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Upcoming Olympics 2012 Issue










Sports from each of the Olympic disciplines were selected to illustrate the subject of each stamp.  The Olympic Games comprises 26 different sporting disciplines, such as Cycling. Cycling includes several different events where medals are won – including road racing, various time trials and velodrome races as well as mountain biking events and BMX. Many gold medals can be won in different events, and all will be symbolized by one Cycling stamp symbolising the sport of Cycling.

The Paralympic Games features 21 sports, such as Judo (which is also competed in the Olympic Games),
as well as Paralympic specific events such as Goalball.

In all, 29 different sports are played at the Olympics and Paralympics. There will be one stamp design for each sport with the exception of athletics which will be presented across two stamps as Athletics: Track and Athletics: Field, hence 30 sport stamps.

Royal Mail’s design team with David Hillman, from Studio David Hillman, set to work allocating each sport to one of the quality image makers who agreed to work on this three-year project. Royal Mail also consulted with the sports’ governing bodies and specialist clubs for each stamp. Each stamp will have the London 2012 Olympic or Paralympic logo in the lower corner.

These will be on sale from 22-10-09 .....

We seek help  from Philatelists in Great Britain to help us to get this issue....

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