Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Latest Indian Issues- Convent Of Jesus And Mary, Ambala Convent.

                                                                          The Congregation of Jesus & Mary was founded in the year 1818. by Mille.Claudine Thevenet in Lyons, France.The Congregation has spread to 26 countries,all over the world.They came to India in 1842.It now runs several English and Vernacular Medium Schools, Degree Colleges, Teacher Training Centres and Boarding (Houses) Establishments in both urban and rural areas of India.Convent of Jesus and Mary School was opened on 2nd December , 1909 in Ambala Cant, today the school has strength of 1400 pupils drawn from different classes.The school celebrates its Centenary Year with joy and pride and rededicate itself to the service of mankind.

Denomination : 5.00 Rupees
Date of Issue: 02-12-09


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